Autumn in Colorado

Autumn - it's the best time of year

Autumn in Colorado is often revered as the best time to visit the Rocky Mountains. Ask any local, and they’ll tell you that they look forward to it. Themnt bike fall aspen trees gorgeous array of fall colors, quaking golden yellow Aspen trees, and cooler weather beckon people to visit the mountain landscapes.

It’s also a wonderful time to vacation in Colorado. With the summer tourist season out of the way, there are fewer crowds everywhere. Plus, there are discounts and deals across the board, from lodging to dining to shopping.

Autumn is a special time of year in Colorado. Without the summer hustle and bustle, you can really relax. Take your time to explore new areas, poke around in local shops and try new restaurants. Check out local events and festivals. Fall in Colorado slows down, brightens with colors, and brings you closer to nature.

Colorado’s Fall Foliage

The golden yellow Aspen trees, with their red hues, have a magical appeal. On the best of years, when the leaves are at their peak, hiking through an Aspen forest is like walking through a vibrant golden palette where the air resonates with a thick yellow complexion. Colors usually peak between mid-September through mid-October and sometimes extend through the end of October. Here are some recommended areas for leaf peeping. The vibrancy of the colors depends on moisture, drought stress, and temperature changes. With just the right combination, the fall colors can be immaculate; however, not every year brings the same effect. In any case, autumn in Colorado is an opportunity to take in spectacular natural beauty and be sure to bring the camera along. golden yellow Aspen trees color

Tourism Slows Down

With kids returning to school, the summer tourist season winds down. This means a much more laid-back experience for those who have a chance to visit. Your favorite places will have short or no lines at all. Expect to find discounts and great deals when shopping, too. You can even be more spontaneous as reservations become unnecessary.

Cool Mountain Weather

Colorado’s clean, crisp air gets even better during the fall as temperature fluctuations become more extreme. The days still warm up nicely, However; expect to bring along some lightweight sweaters or long sleeves to help with the moments of shade from the sun.

cozy around firepit

There’s nothing better than to gather around the fire pit with friends and family on a cool fall evening.  Warming your hands or snuggling together in the glow of the warm fire.

Campsite Availability

If you’re not afraid of cooler nights, fall is a perfect time to camp at your favorite campground. Otherwise, it is difficult to gain entry to campgrounds that are empty out, such as Rocky Mountain National Park (RMNP). This is the time of year you can arrive without a reservation and usually get in. However, especially with RMNP, you might call ahead to make sure.

Discounts on Lodging

If camping is not your idea for a vacation, look for discounts on lodging. You can basically take your pick on the lodging accommodation and be certain to find a deal. This time of year is your chance to check out a boutique bed and breakfast or a small downtown inn.

Mountain Town Shopping

While staying in that quaint mountain town or just passing through. Now’s the time to take a stroll down main street and check out all the local shops. With the changing season, you will find all sorts of deals on mountain lifestyle clothing and other goodies. Mountain town shopping is very much about the mountain lifestyle. The variety of lifestyle clothing and boutique shops,which often include one-of-a-kind handmade items, is an experience not to miss.

Mountain Gear Shopping

We love the mountains because of all the mountain activities available. With all these activities comes all the gear needed to participate. Keeping yourmnt. bike store sale personal gear stash up to date can be a challenge for the bank account. Off-season deals on gear are the way to go. Expect to find all sorts of deals on past-season stuff like stand-up paddle boards, rafts, or boating gear. Many bike shops are ski shops in the winter and they really don’t want to store all those bikes. So, now’s your chance to try out bikes and find a great deal on one. The same is true for backpacking gear, fly fishing gear, hiking shoes, and more. Shopping and actually trying on gear or going for a spin on a bike is not something you can do online. In Colorado’s small towns you can shop a variety of gear stores just blocks from each other.

Dining Deals

When you're tired of shopping or need a retreat from the campsite, and looking for something to eat and drink; there are plenty of deals on dining to be had, plus no lines. The only thing to be weary of is some restaurants close down for the off-season. Others promote specials like 2 for 1s or 50% off.

Variety of Weekend Events

Fall in Colorado has no shortage of weekend events. There is a wide variety of events such as comedy, fairs, brew fests, music, food, and on… Please check our event calendar for the many favorites. However, don’t stop there. Search in any of Colorado’s small towns and you will find an assortment of events. Enjoy Colorado’s fall, the most happening off-season.

by Kathleen Fitzsimmons

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