Box Cañon Falls

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learn more about Ouray's city parks. Use this interactive map to find locations and details. Perhaps what you're really looking for is more information about Ouray's off-road trails. See the interactive 4x4 map here. Keep reading to learn about Box Cañon Falls and all the other amazing wonders of nature, Ouray's city parks have to offer.

Box Cañon Falls

Location: West end of Third Avenue

The famous Box Cañon Falls and Park in Ouray's natural wonder - formed when the rushing waters of Canyon Creek eroded a deep and narrow 

Box Canyon Falls

boxed canyon through fault weakened limestone.  The park's short trails are easily accessible from the southwest corner of town.  You can reach the visitor center and entrance either by car or on foot.  The lower trail, and easy 500 feet hike via a walkway and suspension bridge will lead you straight into the belly of the falls.  You will be silenced by roaring water as the force of thousands of gallons a minute ricochet off a mix of rugged crags and smoothly eroded pre-Cambrian rock, rushing eighty feet to the canyon's bottom.

Stop and soak up the beauty of the surrounding forests in one of the numerous sheltered picnic houses situated throughout the park.  Some of the gazebos have grills and are perfect for a family gathering or for a peaceful place to get away with friends.  Be sure to walk through the Visitor Center and see the interpretive exhibits o the geology, wildlife, rare plant life, and history of the area.  From the visitor center, you can also take the short but steep hike to the bridge above the falls and look down on the fury of the water as it plummets into the canyon and, as an added treat, enjoy beautiful views of Ouray.  The native plant loop is a short and level trail near the visitor center where you can enjoy the sights and sounds of the forest.

In 2001, this breathtaking park was designated an important bird-watching area by the National Audubon Society.  It supports one of the state's largest populations of Black Swifts, a protected species.  These birds nest in their preferred habitat - the canyon walls sheltered by overhanging rocks near waterfalls.

Cascade Falls

Location: East end of Eighth Avenue

The Cascade Falls are high in the red stone cliffs overlooking Ouray and can be seen from many vantage points around the city.  The Lower Cascade Falls trail is rated an easy hike, which takes you up to the base, and last in a series of seven waterfalls.  The trailhead starts at a parking area at the east end of Eighth Ave., and the lower trail is short but steep.  There are picnic tables along the way to enjoy a snack or to take a rest.

Fellin Park

Location: Adjacent to the Ouray Hot Springs Pool

Fellin Park has a 1/4-mile running track, tennis courts, playground, softball diamond, horseshoe pit, barbecue grills, and picnic tables.  This beautiful park can be booked for group events through the City of Ouray Parks Department at 970-325-7072.

Rotary Park

Location: One mile north of Ouray Hot Springs Pool

The Ouray ice skating rink is located at Rotary Park.  The rink is typically open from late December throughout the winter as long as winter temperatures remain cold enough to maintain ice.  The rink is maintained by the City of Ouray and a cadre of volunteers.  During the warmer months, there are also picnic tables available to enjoy a picnic lunch amid the towering pine trees.

Ouray Community Center
Ouray Community Center

Location: Sixth Avenue, next to City Hall

The City of Ouray Community and Conference Center is the perfect place for special events.  The conference center offers two separate meeting rooms, with capacities that range from 50 to 400.  The rooms can be set up with tables, folding chairs, and state-of-the-art audio/visual equipment.  There is also a full commercial kitchen, elevator, and ADA accessibility.  With its southern-facing windows revealing the Amphitheatre and Mount Abrams, this conference center is a beautiful and relaxing setting for your group meeting, company party, family reunion, birthday party or wedding.

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