Celebrating National Hiking Day in Colorado

Celebration Hiking Day on the Trail

From the snowy peaks of the Rockies to Colorado's four beautiful national parks, beautiful vistas are something we're known for. While you're here, why not spend some time on the hiking trail? With over 5,683 trails spanning more than 17,000 miles across the state, there's certainly something for everyone. Help us celebrate National Hiking Day!

If you're visiting Colorado this November 17th, consider celebrating National Hiking Day. The awareness day encourages us to appreciate, preserve, and protect our trails by hiking safely and utilizing "leave no trace" responsibly. It also celebrates how hiking can benefit people of all ages, including physical fitness, a boost to psychological well-being, and even improvements to cognition.

Hiking is an ideal vacation activity for families.

Colorado has trails for everyone from the youngest beginner to the most experienced novice, so it's not hard to find something that's appropriate for your family's needs. Kids, in particular, reap some unique advantages from their time spent hiking, including improved focus 1, better judgment 2, more refined social skills 3, and a boost to executive function 4.

national hiking day

Hiking Safety Tips

If you and your family are hitting the trails, it's important to follow the safety guidelines found here. A basic summary:

  • Choose a trail that's appropriate for your family's experience and fitness levels

  • Always bring an appropriate amount of supplies, including food, water, safety gear, dry clothes, and a means of communication

  • Have a contact off the trail who knows where you should be and will anticipate your safe return

  • Prepare for weather changes you may be unaccustomed to; in fall and winter months, anticipate low light impacting visibility and plan your hiking time accordingly

  • If you're hiking in a higher altitude than you're used to, allow your body to acclimate, and don't strain yourself; higher altitudes can make breathing more difficult and can be risky for those with asthma or other breathing difficulties

Looking for the perfect hiking trail for your family? Take a look at our curated list.


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