Classic Christmas Caroling Party,

A Christmas Caroling Party

The holidays wouldn’t be complete without Christmas Caroling. There are many caroling events all over Colorado. You certainly don’t have to look far in any Colorado town to find something going on. Denver has many well-organized caroling shows hosted in theaters and local concert halls. Churches have choirs that have been practicing for this special occasion. It’s a congregation not to be missed.

Classic Christmas CarolingOld World Christmas Caroling

However, Christmas caroling doesn’t have to be a source of passive entertainment. An old-fashioned Christmas caroling party can be a lot of fun. It involves you and your close family and friends getting together for holiday cheer and songs. A Christmas caroling party celebration. A gathering of friends and family, sharing conversations, warm drinks, and holiday cheer before heading out. Paging through the carol book, reminiscing about years past and the meaning of the old classic Christmas carols. Bundling up in your winter coats, scarves, hats, and boots. Pulled tight with your partner and friends, headed out into the biting winter night.

A brisk walk through the neighborhood streets, admiring the glow of the holiday lights against the white snow. Flakes drift down as you make your way to your first caroling stop. A knock on the door, and the porch light turns on as the front door swings open. Merry Christmas! The caroling begins as all join in. A few songs later, hugs and a wish for a Happy New Year. The caroling party is off for another delight.

The Community Christmas Tree

Around the community Christmas Tree for a final choir of songs, holding hands, singing, while your toes and fingers are in fright. Breath steams up with each verse into the cold wintery night. A final hurrah and hugs before making your way back. Shaking off the snow, stomping boots, as the warmth of the holiday home greets you. Clutching a warm mug gathered 'round the hearth as the holiday spirit brings the magical conversation of Christmas to life.

The Old Fashioned Christmas Caroling Party

A Christmas caroling party, the old-fashioned way, is something everybody should take part in along the many year's journeys of Christmas. There are a few things needed to make a caroling party a success.

  • A host for the Christmas party. Ideally, a home that has a fireplace and Christmas garland.

  • The party home needs to be in a reasonable location, close to other festive homes or a community Christmas Tree.

  • Carol books or copies of Christmas carol sheet music.

  • Ideally, at least one person who can start the caroling. In other words, get everybody singing the rhythm and in key.

Christmas hearth and Tree

Here are 15 Christmas Carol Classics:

  1. O Holy Night

  2. Silent Night

  3. Hark! The Herald Angels Sing

  4. O Come All ye Faithful

  5. Joy To The World

  6. Wee Three Kings

  7. Jingle Bells

  8. Away In The Manger

  9. God Rest You Merry Gentlemen

  10. Little Town of Bethlehem

  11. What Child is This

  12. Oh, Christmas Tree

  13. We Wish You a Merry Christmas

  14. The First Noel

  15. Let It Snow

You will need to purchase Christmas songbooks or sheet music. Here are a couple of recommendations.

Vacationing in a Colorado resort town opens the door to many other holiday celebrations. Here are some other family-friendly ways to celebrate the holiday season.

by Kathleen Fitzsimmons

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