Colorado Golfing

The awe-inspiring beauty of the Rocky Mountains isn’t just good for hiking and skiing; it also means that Colorado is the home of some amazing year-round sports activities, including golf. The geography of the Centennial State means that golf courses are naturally equipped with a diverse range of topography and terrain, from stunning greens lined with trees to rocky, sandy courses that feel more like playing in a desert. Whether you’re blowing off some steam with your coworkers or friends, or enjoying a nice, relaxing day on the course, Colorado has enough golf options to keep you busy and entertained year round.

Golfing in Colorado

A World of Terrain

The terrain in Colorado is incredibly varied. If you’re looking for a classic round of golf on a lush green course, you’ll find it, especially at one of the top resorts throughout the state. One of the top rated golf courses in Colorado is Redlands Mesa Golf Club in Grand Junction, which boasts rolling green hills nestled under the dramatic rocky buttes of the Western Slope and the red sandstone of Colorado National Monument. Or you could try Raven Golf Club at Three Peaks in Silverthorne, a breathtaking mountain golf course within close driving distance of resorts like Vail, incredible views and scenery, and a Top Ten rating from Golf Magazine. For a more urban experience, there are a plethora of golf courses near Denver, including City Park Golf Course, Overland Golf Course, and Cherry Creek Country Club.

Many ski resorts also offer golf during the summer season, like Telluride Golf Club, which has an 18-hole course nestled amongst the highest concentration of 13-14k foot mountains in the country, making for some unbeatable scenery. The really great thing about golfing in Colorado is that the view is incredible no matter where you go—whether you’re looking at a 14,000 foot tall snow-capped mountain peak, the Denver city skyline, or the jagged red rock formations of the more desert-like parts of the state.

Golfing in All Seasons

While summer and the warmer months are the obvious times for visiting the links, the cold of winter shouldn’t have to stop you from golfing. If you live in or are visiting lower elevation areas, you’ll find that snow isn’t always a problem during the winter, so many courses are open year round, with a few closing days throughout the year based on weather. In Englewood, near Denver, Inverness Golf Course prides itself on being open 362 days a year, while many other golf courses are open 9 or 10 months out of the year, with a brief break for the slow season of December through February.

Indoor Golf Course

Indoor Golf Courses and Driving Ranges

When the weather gets bad, or you’re just looking to improve your drive, a standard outdoor course might not cut it. In this case, you’ll want to check out the abundance of indoor golf experiences in Colorado. The Learning Center in Colorado Springs, Fairways at the Stable in Superior, CO, and X Golf in Grand Junction all offer indoor golf courses with state of the art simulations and screens so you can get your fix regardless of Mother Nature’s whims.

Non-Traditional Golf Experiences

Maybe you’re short on time, or maybe playing a whole round of 18 holes just isn’t your cup of tea; there are still opportunities for you to have a golf experience in Colorado. Play9 is a USGA program that recognizes that a traditional 18 hole game of golf can run really long, and sometimes you just want to get out there and hit a few rounds without the full commitment. So Play9 was born, and whether you’re playing at a specified 9-hole course or just choosing the play the front or back half of an 18-hole course, Play9 is a great way to whet your taste for golf without the full commitment.

But maybe the whole idea of a traditional golf course doesn’t appeal to you; maybe you find it slow paced or boring, or maybe you’re looking for something new entirely. That’s where TopGolf can help. At TopGolf, players team up or go head to head at the driving range, but instead of trying to hit their ball the farthest, they aim for large targets on the green in front of them. Using microchip technology in the balls and the targets, players aim, darts-style, to score more points than the other team, and as they do, they can munch on loaded nachos or sip some local craft beers. There are several variations on the game and the rules depending on what you’re looking for, but it can make for a whole new aspect to the sport.

Relaxing on the Green

Relaxing on the Green in Colorado

Colorado has golf resorts with some of the most amazing views in the world, with world class courses and a thin mountain atmosphere that will make your golf ball fly through the air at amazing distances. You can enjoy a day out on the course with friends, family, business associates, or on your own, with many resorts and clubs that offer great amenities like signature cocktails, spas, and more. It’s a great way to get out into the sunshine and relax or enjoy some gorgeous Colorado nature, and as always in the Centennial State, you’ve got plenty of options when it comes for where and how to play.

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