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The Unique Connection Telluride Mountain Village 

Telluride Mountain Village and Telluride are a match made in heaven. Each offers its own distinct vibe, while together, the pair share in the stunning natural beauty that makes for the world’s coolest playground.

First, there’s Telluride. A National Historic Landmark District which hosts gourmet restaurants, chic boutiques, and fine-art galleries call home; Telluride proudly displays its mining-town heritage with a wealth of colorful Victorian houses and a charming, carefully preserved Main Street lined with clapboard and brick storefronts. Don’t let the town’s charms fool you, however. Telluride’s heritage is equal parts refinement and Wild West, complete with tales of bank robbers – Butch Cassidy robbed his first bank here – and hardscrabble miners.

Telluride Mountain Village

Telluride Mountain Village

Perched above Telluride, at 9,545 feet, Mountain Village offers visitors and residents alike a more modern, lux feel in a European-style alpine setting. Incorporated in 1995, Mountain Village boasts luxury accommodations, state-of-the-art spas, stylish shops, and sophisticated dining options. Guests can hike, bike, or golf, all the while surrounded by the towering peaks and stunning vistas of the San Juan Mountains.

Linking these two communities is the Gondola, which celebrated 26 years in operation in December 2022. The only transportation system of its kind in North America, the “G” is free, pet friendly and handicap accessible, connecting Telluride and Mountain Village via a 13-minute ride. With breathtaking views and the uniqueness of the experience, we can promise the Gondola is one journey you will never forget.

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