What is a Hybrid Work Schedule – Colorado Style

A Colorado Hybrid Work Schedule

What is a hybrid work schedule, and how COVID has made Colorado the place to take refuge.
Colorado was hit hard by the COVID pandemic, just like the rest of the world. However, social distancing in Colorado meant spending more time outside participating in your favorite activities. Many felt This sentiment, which caused a new wave of transplants to move into our small mountain communities. Those able to move to Colorado were largely people with at-home office skills or jobs that did not require a full-time presence at the office. The cost of living in Colorado’s most desirable mountain towns was already high, and this COVID-generated wave of location-neutral workers just made it surge again.

The Hybrid Work Solution

Fortunately, more and more companies have risen to the occasion and have accommodated their employee’s needs by offering hybrid work schedules. This benefits both the company and the workers by maximizing expensive work space and providing flexibility to their employees. COVID catalyzed the need to develop a hybrid workspace that combined at-home workers, fluid office space, and work time/space scheduling within a single platform. The answer is a Desk booking system. This platform allows workers to schedule desk space, meeting room space, event space, or time working with colleagues and utilizing at-home office space as needed. hybrid work meeting

What is hybrid work?

To understand a hybrid work format, it is important to identify the tasks this mechanism is designed to solve. First, it addresses employees' health - people have fewer interactions with each other, reducing the chances of getting sick. Second, it helps to reduce unnecessary expenses for the company by making more efficient use of available space and limiting unused office space. The definition of a hybrid work mode implies a combination of in-person and remote work formats. Plus, it provides the necessary life-work balance that keeps employees happy and engaged. For Coloradans, this means making the most out of expensive office space and providing flexible schedules so employees can go skiing, hiking, or participate in other desirable mountain lifestyle experiences. hybrid work skiing

How to organize a hybrid office?

Integrating a hybrid work system is not as complex as it may seem at first. Utilizing a hybrid work platform is applicable for both large and small businesses. The step-by-step plan for implementing a hybrid office can be outlined as follows:
  • Gather stakeholders and develop plans, goals, and tasks.
  • Identify a leader who can handle the responsibilities of organizing the chosen functions.
  • Develop a business plan that reflects expenses and benefits.
  • Analyze current business processes, staff, and corporate culture.
  • Plan the office space redesign, create an event schedule, and connect to the necessary tools.
  • Throughout the operation of the hybrid work format, monitor external and internal company metrics, based on which make relevant conclusions.

What are the advantages of the hybrid work format?Mountain Biking in Avon, Colorado

Before transitioning a company to a new work mode, it is important to study its strengths and weaknesses. Here are the main advantages provided by a hybrid work schedule:
  • Increased work productivity. This phenomenon is difficult to explain without statistics, and according to it, many people work better within the walls of their homes. This survey was conducted by the reputable company BCG, leaving no doubt about its credibility and appropriateness.
  • Satisfied employees. Finding a balance between work and personal life is always challenging and directly affects a person's life satisfaction. With a more flexible schedule, Coloradans can plan their free time for their favorite outdoor activities, like making powder days at the nearby ski resort or biking between meetings. Managing your work schedule in this way increases work efficiency and happiness levels.
  • Reduction of unnecessary expenses. Having fewer people in a shared space minimizes rent expenses. There is no need to rent extra space - staff can work from home in shifts and be available to the company when necessary.
  • Low illness rates. Excellent health statistics can be achieved by reducing the number of contacts between employees. This was particularly evident during the pandemic period of 2020 when the concept of "social distancing" was introduced.
  • Ability to hire a specialist from anywhere in the world. Finding the right person within one country is not always possible, and the opportunity to expand beyond available borders is an excellent chance to improve the company's performance. This is particularly relevant for highly specialized professionals, who can be counted on one hand worldwide, and remote work is a great solution to this issue.

How does UnSpot help build an effective hybrid business model?

The superiority of one tool over another is becoming less evident as technology and digital progress continue to develop. However, our product UnSpot can challenge this judgment. While others suggest "passing," we say it's time to take action! Our service toolkit can be compared to a large library where answers to any questions can be found. With UnSpot, companies can easily transition to a hybrid work mode through thoughtful planning. The UnSpot platform maintains current information about the occupancy of spaces 24/7. Utilizing modernized office space for better team interaction, increased employee happiness levels, intelligently formulated work strategies, and so on. Consider a hybrid work schedule solution for your company and move into a new level of business efficiency.

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