Mesa Verde Produce

Mesa Verde Produce an Agricultural Tradition

Mesa Verde Produce has ancestral Puebloan heritage. The early natives farmed the valleys and mesas of Southwest Colorado, including current-day Mesa Verde National Park, until around 1300 AD. Growing primarily corn, beans, and squash, they laid the agricultural foundation for today’s farmers, ranchers, and vintners who carry on this long tradition. For Mesa Verde Country, agriculture is truly a cultural experience.

Locally-sourced dry land pinto and Anasazi beans, corn meal, blue corn meal, and high-altitude red winter wheat milled into flour make great gifts everyone back home will appreciate and savor.

Mesa Verde Produce

Locally Sourced Mesa Verde Produce

Several area restaurants specialize in serving locally sourced produce and sustainable cuisine, sourcing their fresh produce directly from farmers in the four-corners region. Our year-round farmers markets are an excellent way to taste, touch, and savor the local flavors. With three markets a week during the peak season and several winter market and deli options, fresh, local food is always available in Mesa Verde Country. Depending on the season, you can pick apples, peaches, and pears. You can also stop at some of our local ranches to purchase grass-fed beef or fresh lamb. Special events throughout the year provide an excellent opportunity to enjoy the bounty of the area with festivals that feature beer, wine, and food.

Mesa Verde Craft Breweries

There are more than 140 craft breweries in Colorado, four of which are in Mesa Verde Country! Ales and lagers, along with various seasonal beers and growlers, are available at all four breweries so you can bring home a taste of Mesa Verde Country.

Mesa Verde Vineyards

McElmo Canyon is home to several lush vineyards in Mesa Verde Country. Located near where the trailhead to Canyons of the Ancients begins, the two wineries that reside here have been recognized by wine enthusiasts and are among Colorado’s most acclaimed wine producers. These wineries make many varieties of world-class wines featured in many local Colorado restaurants. They equally share a deep love and respect for the surrounding area. They farm and create their wines with an eye on sustainability and quality. Mesa Verde Country’s reputation for craft brewing and artisan distilling continues to grow, as does its reputation for fine wines. Visit this area and get an authentic taste of the Southwest.

Experience Mesa Verde Produce - historically

There are many reasons to visit Mesa Verde, such as the Mesa Verde National Park or the extensive trails for hiking and off-road exploration. This area is also close to Durango, which has another extensive list of reasons to visit, such as the famous D&SNGRR scenic train. However, the historical and agricultural significance of the Mesa Verde Region makes for a meaningful destination. One that you can marvel at historically and enjoy as a culinary delight.

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