Springtime Cycling Safety Tips

Cycling Safety Tips for Springtime Riding

Colorado’s springtime brings perfect weather for outdoor adventures. One of the most popular spring activities in Colorado is bike riding. With various terrains ranging from scenic mountain roads to rolling hills dotted with wildflowers, bike riders have endless options to enjoy the beauty of Colorado. Cyclists of all skill levels can find a ride that allows them to explore the state's beauty and get their blood flowing. However, before hitting the road, cyclists must prioritize safety for a fun and injury-free experience. Here are some vital cycling safety tips to brush up on this spring. 

cycling safety tips


Bike Safety Check List before the Ride

Inspect your bike. Before each ride, inspect for these critical cycling safety tips to ensure it’s in good working condition. Some key areas to look out for are brakes, tires, and gears. 

  • Brakes- While on your bike, rock back and forth while gripping either the front or rear brake. The bike should not slip or squeal.
  • Tires- Keep an eye out for excessive wear and sidewall cracks in your tires. Ensure PSI is within spec. A tire’s ideal PSI range is typically listed on the side of the tire.
  • Gears- Test your bike’s drivetrain by shifting through the gears before your ride. Ensure each gear is actuating and none of the components have too much play. 

Plan your Route. Before setting out, find a ride that suits your skill level. The most significant factors determining a route’s difficulty are elevation gain and distance. Many free resources can help cyclists plan their routes with a difficulty of their choosing. 

Cycling Safety Tips During the Ride

  • Stay hydrated. Just as important as staying hydrated during your ride, cyclists should be well hydrated before they ride. Bring a bottle of water with you on longer rides to stay hydrated. This is especially important for warmer days.
  • Wear a helmet. A helmet is one of the most important safety items for cyclists. According to the bicycle attorneys at Dormer Harpring, head injuries are some of the most common injuries in bicycle accidents. 
  • Be visible. Cyclists should choose clothing that is bright and high in contrast to increase visibility for drivers. 
  • Follow the rules of the road. In Colorado, bicyclists are subject to the same road rules as drivers and must obey traffic signals and road markings. Use hand signals to indicate turns. 
  • Look ahead and be aware of your surroundings. Keep an eye out for gravel, potholes, debris, and wildlife. Looking ahead 10-20 feet will give cyclists enough time to perform an evasive maneuver and avoid an accident. It’s also important to be mindful of surrounding vehicles if cycling on a road. 

Biking in Colorado during spring can be an unforgettable experience. With the right preparation and safety mindset, cyclists can take in the state’s scenic routes and stunning views without worry. By following the tips outlined in this article, cyclists will be ready to take on the beautiful rides that make Colorado a unique destination for anyone on two wheels. Happy biking! 

by Austin Poynter

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