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At Defiance Rafting Company, their mission is your experience. That’s why they believe that everyone needs a little adventure in their lives – whether it’s the exhilaration of staring down the status quo and doing something new or the satisfaction of pushing fear aside to step outside of your comfort zone. More than anything, it’s why everyone at Defiance Rafting is committed to providing you a white-water rafting experience that gives you the adventure you’re looking for.

Defiance Rafting Company

Let’s run the big water and experience the rush of the Colorado River or kick back on a scenic family-friendly float and see Colorado from the best seat in the state. Not sure what to book? At Defiance, they’ll keep it easy peasy and point you in the right direction for the perfect trip. Just bring your swimsuit and they’ll take care of the rest. All trips include PFD’s, wetsuits, booties, splash jackets and splash pants, and helmets.

Defiance believes that there’s nothing more awesome than introducing kiddos to river rafting so don’t think twice about bringing the kiddos. The Happy Paddler program makes sure your little adventurers get the VIP treatment so their first time on the water is a positive, fun-filled experience. All Happy Paddlers receive a snack to keep them energized and some sweet swag to celebrate their adventure.

Defiance Rafting Company

Defiance Rafting Company's Glenwood Canyon Half-Day is the most popular adventure and has a little something for everyone. "If we only had three hours to spend on the water and wanted to show our friends and family what it’s like to experience the thrill of Class III-IV Colorado whitewater rafting and the beauty of Glenwood Canyon, this is the trip we’d take them on!"

Find them nestled in Glenwood Canyon’s No Name Community, operating out of the Glenwood Canyon Resort with the No Name Bar & Grill and Glenwood Canyon Zipline. Visit online at Defiance Rafting Company for more information on Half-Day trips, Full-Day trips, Duckie Adventures, rentals, and the No Name Special aerial adventure package. Find discounted rates for groups and specialized pricing for special events, non-profits, and organizations.

Let’s have fun. Let’s make memories. Let’s go rafting. #raftlikealocal

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