Cascade Village, East Vail, and West Vail

Cascade Village, East Vail, and West Vail are part of  Vail’s outlying neighborhoods, creating a cohesion that makes Vail run smoothly. West Vail and Cascade Village set a standard of distinction and community. However, East Vail, with its' attractive amenities, remains a local favorite.

West Vail, a Community Place

West Vail takes care of much of the business of life in Vail. It boasts two supermarkets, a hardware store, a hotel, and many popular casual restaurants. It is the sunny side of the street with views of the Gore Range and Vail’s gorgeous skiing. Donovan Park and Pavilion are well-used community assets. Stephens Park has a dog park where furry friends can romp and socialize. Cascade Village Vail Resorts

Cascade Village a Special Place

Cascade Village is beautifully settled to the west and boasts the Vail Cascade Resort and Spa, which is home to conferences and festivals. The Cascade's modern renovation opens the hotel and restaurant’s view onto the tall pines and Gore Creek. Elegant private residences border Cascade Village. The Cascade Lift takes skiers up the mountain, gaining access to the entire Vail Ski area.

East Vail and more

East Vail is connected to Vail’s hub by road, bicycle, and hiking trails. Vail’s 18-hole golf course defines the land along the meandering Gore Creek as it flows from the Gore Range into town. Primarily a forested residential community, East Vail has a racquet club with tennis, health club, spa, and restaurant facilities. Just east of the village on the way to East Vail are the Gerald R. Ford Amphitheater, Betty Ford Alpine Gardens, Vail Nature Center, and parks and playgrounds that draw visitors and locals alike. Connected from east to west by an efficient and free bus system, these communities together make Vail a well-rounded resort.

by Kathleen Fitzsimmons

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