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15th Eagle Mushroom & Wild Food Festival

Aug 09 - 11, 2024

909 Capitol Street, Eagle, CO

Gather alongside fellow mycophiles and mushroom-enthusiasts at the 15th Eagle Mushroom & Wild Food Festival from August 9-11, and explore the natural world, and its bounty with esteemed mycologists and wild food experts Orion Aon, Brian Barzee, Larry Evans, Ken Kassenbrock, John Sir Jesse and Sebastian Tabibi. Indulge in an incredible lineup of events, from the exclusive Meet n’ Greet with Jon Sommer to immersive cooking classes featuring a gourmet lunch, sought-after culinary dinner and popular guided forays. For more information visit ABOUT THE EAGLE MUSHROOM & WILD FOOD FESTIVAL Since our beginnings in 2008, the three-day Eagle Mushroom & Wild Food Festival has become a beacon for mushroom enthusiasts, mycologists, and curious minds alike, all gathering to explore the captivating world of wild foods. As a Colorado 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, our mission is deeply rooted in promoting mushroom-focused education, nature exploration and culinary experiences that enrich our vibrant mountain community.

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