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The Bard's Confession: Sounds of Healing hosted by Off the Hook Arts

February 3, 2020

Ginger and Baker, 351-359 Linden St, Fort Collins, CO


It’s our third community storytelling night, The Bard’s Confession — Sounds of Healing! Honoring the 250th birthday of Ludwig Van Beethoven, our theme, Sounds of Healing, reflects his struggles and writings. Beethoven composed most of his music while totally deaf. He also had great compassion for others and used his music for healing and transcendence. Join us for this evening of community, personal sharing, and continuation of a long-standing tradition of oral storytelling.

General Admission- $10. From 7pm-9pm.

Call for Storytellers:
How has sound—music, nature, a loved one’s voice—brought you healing and a sense of bliss? What were you struggling with and how did this sound help you move beyond the “conflict” and find peace or at least a resolution to a difficult situation? How has a specific sound or a piece of music changed your life—for the better?

Compelling stories involve conflict, a change and a universal message. If you have a story about sound, especially music, but not necessarily, and you want to tell the world or at least our audience, contact me.

I’m Mary Roberts and I’ll be your story coach and emcee for the night of the event. Can’t decide if your story is a “story?” Don’t know your message yet? No worries, I can help.

*You must be available for coaching and one rehearsal, and, of course, Monday, February 3rd , the night of the event in Fort Collins.

Telling your story is not only fun—it’s inspiring and well, transcendent! Send me your story idea soon. I need to know my storyteller lineup by the end of September.

Send your stories to or call 970-227-9806.