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Garden Concert Series: Sherefe

October 9, 2021

1930 N Whitcomb St., Fort Collins, CO

Şerefe (commonly spelled Sherefe, pronounced “Sheriff A”) is a group of musicians based in Boulder, CO, who play music from the Balkans and the Middle East. An ensemble varying in size from a trio to a small orchestra, they have been performing at concerts and dance parties in the western US since 1996.

Şerefe is named after a Turkish drinking toast that strictly means “to your honor”, but is used in the “what happens here stays here” sense. We dearly love this music and devote significant time and energy the serious study of it. Our repertoire consists of large numbers of Greek, Turkish and Arabic songs, as well as smaller numbers of Bulgarian, Macedonian, Bosnian, Rom, Albanian, Hebrew, Persian and Armenian pieces. Şerefe plays mixed repertoire shows, but also frequently plays entire evenings of songs from just one of these cultures. Core members include James Hoskins on cello, gadulka, bouzouki, guitar, zurna and vocals, Jesse Manno on bouzouki, baglama, ud, flutes, vocals and percussion, and Brett Bowen on percussion.