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Global Hot Spots: Clues & FAQs

May 18, 2017

200 West Mountain Avenue, Fort Collins, CO


Current events and troubling trends on the international scene take center stage in "Global Hot Spots: Clues & FAQs" from 4-6 pm Thursday, May 18, at the Global Village Museum of Arts and Cultures. John Roberts, Museum cofounder and lifelong traveler, will share his wisdom and knowledge from 34 years overseas and then guide an interactive discussion on the world's most worrisome regions and leaders.

Attendees are urged to bring and share their questions, perceptions, and opinions. Potential topics for discussion range from Iran, Iraq, and Syria to China, North Korea, and Russia. Admission is $5/person with members free.

The Global Village Museum, with four galleries and a Museum Shop, is located at 200 W. Mountain Avenue. Museum hours are 11-5 pm Tuesday through Saturday. For more information, visit or call 970.221.4600.