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Gunnison Sage-Grouse Viewing Trip

April 30, 2017

Waunita Watchable Wildlife Site, Gunnison, CO


Gunnison sage-grouse are known, for those familiar with them, for their unusual and extravagant mating dance. They gather in small groups on dancing grounds in the sagebrush sea, called leks, every morning in March through May. The males of the species perform quite the strutting display; running a little ways, braking abruptly, flapping their feathers, and thrusting out yellow air sacs from the white breast feathers around their necks, while making the most unique popping noises. The birds come to the same leks that their ancestors danced on, in the hopes that one of the seemingly disinterested females will respond and mate with them.

This rare display will be open to public viewing on April 30 in Gunnison, CO. Join Rocky Mountain Staff in viewing the dance in the wild (birds permitting). Megan, the Biologist in the Blind, will be there to provide background and answer questions.

Don't miss this opportunity to view the most unusual and extravagant mating dance nature has to offer. You must register to take part in this event.