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Momma Bear Workshop

July 9, 2016


The Momma Bear Workshop on July 9th is for Moms and Teens 13 and over! Class size is limited to 25 so register soon!

We’re partnering with S2S Training to teach Colorado Moms and Kids to skillfully deal with any level of conflict - with confidence, courage, and composure.

The training is fast.
The concept is simple.
The purpose is protecting our families.

We use a very scientific teaching technique intended to help you learn to control the adrenal rush of flight, fight, or freeze when faced with a real or perceived threat against yourself or someone near you. 

Our training teaches you to ‘flip the switch’ and control your adrenal stress response so that you and your children will not be victimized. 

Every Mom deserves the confidence and skills she needs to protect her children and this training teaches you how to control adrenaline to equalize any fight with ferocity and the strength to prevail.

Special thanks to our sponsor, MuvLab DTC, for sponsoring this workshop!