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Sip, Network & Laff

July 30 - 31, 2019

6801 Lowell Blvd., Westminster, CO


Sip, Network & Laff” is an Upscale Wine Tasting, Business Mixer & Comedy Show all in one event. We provide a fun and entertaining environment for likeminded business professionals to socialize, network, cross promote and have fun!

Facebook Live/YouTube Reality Series in which we showcase local small businesses, entrepreneurs, photographers, body painters, tattoo artists, models and comedians partaking in our weekly (Sip, Network & Laff) network marketing workshop events.

Everyone is interviewed for their own biography segments, we’ll be shooting all kinds of promotional clips showcasing our local talent and businesses. From showing their funniest stand up nights to behind-the-scenes clips of them writing, practicing performances, photo shoots, networking and interacting with the public.

These videos will help generate interest in our local businesses, entrepreneurs and comedy scene! Whatever we share and upload will be educational, informative, entertaining, funny and very original.

This Facebook Live/Youtube Reality Series is for those whom wish to compete and showcase their talent or business for monetary gain, bettering their craft, building a fan base, gaining national exposure, selling their merchandise, product and or services, having a good laugh, creating unity among fellow attendees, building good relations/contacts with fellow entrepreneurs and for bragging rights to being the most popular, talented artist and or funniest local comedian!

“Comedy Fight Night“ is a one of kind interactive Comedy Show that takes place after our network workshops in which the patrons are encouraged to heckle the Comedians! There will be a Best Heckler Cash Prize Reward and also a Cash Prize for the crowds favorite Comedian with the best heckler comeback responses.

We’ll also have several local vendors showcasing their products!

Special headlining by KED Colorado

Proceeds from this event goes towards establishing coop studio spaces throughout Colorado!
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