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Tai Chi Gung Workshop

March 10, 2018

7269 Lowell Blvd., Westminster, CO


An introduction to Tai Chi Gung 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. at Ceremony Healing Center in Westminster

• Walk along Lao Tzu's Path of Regeneration
• Participate in a 3000 year unbroken lineage
• Learn to Breathe the Life Force Directly
• Discover Siddhi Yoga Master Techniques
• Add Years of Health and Vitality to Your Life
To be truly healthy and bring what you want into your life, it is important to bring your spirit, mind and body together and learn how to get more energy.

The system of Tai Chi Gung created by Lao Tzu more than 3000 years ago does this. It is a series of simple standing exercises with gentle balanced breathing that connects you with Nature.

By honoring the health vibration in all of Nature, you increase your frequency as well. In order for the Law of Attraction to accelerate and intensify for you, it is vital to understand how to ground and center your chi.

In this workshop, Master David Paul shares the foundation exercises of the Tai Chi Gung system first offered to the world by Lao Tzu more than 3000 years ago.