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Woolawaka 2

April 20, 2019

Mishawaka Amphitheatre, 13714 Poudre Canyon Highway, Bellvue, CO

Show at 8 PM (Doors at 7 PM)
WoolEye with AJ Fullerton

WoolEye is an eclectic group of musicians. With influences in jazz, rock, jam, funk etc. Founded by Mike Rouse in 2005 the band has since played hundreds of shows across the country. The music takes you on a journey with a plethra of sounds. With a unique but familiar groove. The group is known for its powerful funky jams, coupled with lyrics that provoke thought. WoolEye has shared the stage with Melvin Seals-Jerry Garcia Band, John Molo-Phil and friends, Martin Ferrio-Zero- Legend of Mary- JGB, Fareed Haque, Ozric Tentacles, Tea leaf green, JFJO, Donna jean and the tricksters,GFE, and many other great artists. Also the winner of Ft Collins 2007 Waka winter classic. Giving the band oppurtunity to perform along side greats like Widespread Panic ,Les Claypool etc. With two cds under the bands belt- Grand Alighn Time produced by Mike Rouse and Andrew Usher and Sit Outside and Dream produced by Derrick Vincent Smith (Pretty Lights) the band is moving forward in 2012 with force. With plans for a spring tour and a live album release. " If Wakarusa music festival is about environmenalism and music than Mike Rouse may be the embodiment of Wakarusa's spirit" Steve Vockrodt-Journal World-Lawrence Kansas - "I love the poetry in motion" Carmen Alligood-Colorado Wave- " I havent heard songwriting like that in decades! I love the tunes- Martin Ferrio-Zero, JGB