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Use this FREE Itinerary Planner to organize your Colorado trip. There are so many different ways to experience the beauty of Colorado; that's what makes this state so wonderful. Whether you're bringing a group or traveling here alone, you'll find all the essential ingredients for a great Colorado Vacation. With this Itinerary Planner, you can easily plan a personal custom trip that best suits your vacation needs. Stay safe, and check the weather and the conditions of any passes you will be traveling on.

How to Use the Itinerary Planner

  1. Start exploring the website for all there is to do and see in Colorado. Then, click "Add
    to Itinerary" to start planning your vacation.
  2. Start building your schedule by dragging items from the "Interest" column on the left,
    to the "Planner" column on the right. Arrange your selected items for each day of your
  3. Once you are happy with your Itinerary, print the details for each day or for the whole
    trip. Have a fantastic time!

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