Telluride Visitors Guide

Discover Telluride.  It’s the Real Deal.

Welcome to Telluride, a truly authentic Colorado mountain town. I confess to having authenticity – and Telluride’s authenticity in particular – on the brain these days. It might be because there are more than a few articles in the summer 2017 issue of The Guide that speak to how very real this place is. Take our cover story, for example, which tells of Telluride’s improbable, remarkable role in the history of electricity. Or a piece about the tarp run, a much-loved tradition that takes place each day during the Telluride Bluegrass Festival. The festival, now in its 44th year, is the real thing: an award-winning music festival that attracts locals and visitors, discerning aficionados and music critics, as well as folks who just love a good tune. And then there is the article on Telluride Trappings & Toggery, a funky and independent clothing store that has graced Main Street for 45 years, still partly in the hands of the family that founded it. Even Telluride’s kids know we’re on to a good thing – check out their essays about the Gondola, 20 years old now and still the only transportation system of its kind in North America.

And so it goes in our little mountain town that is as awash in history, traditions, good people and good times as it is in natural beauty. We just don’t do things cookie cutter here, a uniqueness that we look forward to sharing with members of the Central U.S. Region of YPO and their families when they arrive in Telluride for their annual conference in September.

But now, with spring unfolding gloriously into summer, these mountains are shaking off the remains of a fabulous winter and cloaking their flanks in rich hues of green foliage, the perfect complement to a Colorado bluebird sky. So, get out there and experience Telluride in summertime. Explore the remnants of the area’s characterful history by hike, bike, paddleboard or jeep. Dance at our fantastic festivals. Immerse yourself in our astonishing arts scene. Dine at our exquisite restaurants and enjoy our vibrant nightlife. It’s the real deal – it’s authentic – and we at the Telluride Tourism Board hope that you enjoy every last bit of it.

Michael Martelon
President and Chief Executive Officer
Telluride Tourism Board