D&SNGRR Ghost Tracks

Tales of Ghost Tracks along the Durango and Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad (D&SNGRR)

Railroad employees have heard things, seen things, felt things.

These are all tales of Ghost Tracks. Doubters say they’re figments of overactive imaginations, but they haven’t been there when the air suddenly turned cold or shadows flew across an empty room. They haven’t stood alone in the coffee shop and seen cups fly off the coffee machine. They haven’t watched marker lights on a moving train go out, and then re-light – by themselves.

Psst... Come closer. Have you heard? Some say these tracks are haunted!

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Some people believe ghosts broke a metal latch and pushed open the big roundhouse doors one winter night. In a far, dark corner of the museum stands the Immigrant Sleeper car. Look closely. Do you see shadows moving inside the car? Do you hear footsteps, or a child timidly calling for his papa? Many people have and insist these ghosts are temperamental.

Ghost Tracks

Tales of Ghost Tracks

Ghost Tracks, Haunting Tales Along the Rails recounts railroad employees’ encounters with ghosts, from a specter floating across the rail yard, to a Tabasco-flinging poltergeist in the concession car and a mischievous spirit that clomps around the old Silverton depot.

Are they the ghosts of people who experienced tragedies in their lives, or suffered awful deaths along the railroad route? There’s the prospector’s wife who went mad high up on Mountain View Crest. There’s the man who trudged down the tracks on a bitterly cold February night, banished from Silverton by the town marshal and never seen again. Life in these mountains was difficult at best. Is it any wonder that some who perished in or along the river might haunt the railroad that follows that river? Originally named ‘Rio de las Animas Perdidas’ in 1765, it translates to ‘the River of Lost Souls’.

Those stories and many more fill the pages of this intriguing collection of haunting tales. Learn more about ghost towns in Colorado.

Ghost Tracks is available in the Durango depot gift shop and online at www.durangotrain.com.

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