Thomas Peter Maletta – Top 7 Favorite Things To Do In Colorado

Thomas Peter Maletta Shares His Top Things To Do In Colorado

Visiting Colorado is an experience of a lifetime, especially after taking travel advice from a true professional. If you're looking for the best Colorado offers - gorgeous landscapes, exciting outdoor activities, delicious cuisine, and more - then you must plan your trip around the top 7 things recommended by expert traveler Thomas Peter Maletta. We've covered all the details so you can make the most of every moment in "The Centennial State." Discover why travelers always enjoy journeying through scenic areas such as Grand Lake or adventure-packed Denver!

Skiing and Snowboarding in the Rocky MountainsThomas Peter Maletta

There's nothing quite like hitting the slopes in the Rocky Mountains. Whether you prefer skiing or snowboarding, this region is home to some of the best winter sports destinations in the world. Colorado Rockies offer something for every level of skier or boarder, from the breathtaking vistas of Colorado's Aspen Snowmass to the legendary powder at Steamboat Springs Ski Resort. And it's not just the terrain that draws visitors - the charming mountain towns and luxurious resorts provide the perfect backdrop for a winter getaway. So pack your gear and prepare for an unforgettable Rocky Mountains adventure in Colorado.

Exploring the Stunning Red Rocks Park and Amphitheater

Nestled in the heart of Colorado lies one of the most breathtaking natural wonders in the United States - Red Rocks Park and Amphitheater. This stunning park is surrounded by towering red rock formations that greet park-goers with awe-inspiring beauty. The amphitheater, designed by local architect Thomas Peter Maletta, boasts incredible acoustics that can bring performances to life like no other venue can. Whether you're there to listen to music, explore the hiking trails, or bask in the beauty of the natural surroundings, Red Rocks Park and Amphitheater is an experience that should not be missed.

Thomas Peter Maletta Red Rocks

Taking a Hike on the Mesa Trail

The Mesa Trail in Boulder, Colorado is a must-do hike for nature enthusiasts. It offers picturesque views of pristine landscapes, and hikers can experience a sense of adventure while exploring the rugged terrain. The trail is full of surprises at every turn. From rocky formations to wildlife sightings, it's almost impossible not to be captivated by the wonders of Mother Nature. Thomas Peter Maletta is particularly fond of hiking the Mesa Trail. It perfectly blended challenge and beauty, making every step worth it. So, if you're looking to take on one of the best hikes in Colorado and follow in the footsteps of a legend, the Mesa Trail should be your next adventure destination.

Enjoy a Beer or Two at the Great Divide Brewery

A trip to Denver is incomplete without visiting the Great Divide Brewery. Located in the heart of downtown, this brewery offers something for everyone. There are a variety of beers on tap, from year-round staples to seasonal specialties. There will surely be a brew that suits your taste. Not sure what to try? Take a brewery tour to enjoy the brewing process and sample some of their finest offerings. Sip beer in the cozy taproom, or head to the spacious patio to soak up the sunshine. Whatever your preference, visiting the Great Divide Brewery promises a memorable experience for beer lovers and casual drinkers alike.

Visiting Royal Gorge Bridge and Park for Breathtaking Views of the Arkansas River

If you're searching for an awe-inspiring natural attraction that has something for everyone, look no further than Royal Gorge Bridge and Park. Located in the heart of Colorado, this stunning park offers visitors breathtaking views of the Arkansas River from the highest suspension bridge in the country. Whether you're a nature lover, an adventure seeker, or an escape from city life, Royal Gorge Bridge and Park will surely delight you. With various activities, including ziplining, a sky coaster, and a guided park tour, you'll always have things to do and see. So why wait? Visit Royal Gorge Bridge and Park and create unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime. 

Driving through Colorado's Iconic San Juan Skyway Scenic Route

Enjoy the breathtaking vistas of jagged peaks, rolling hills, and verdant valleys as you cruise Colorado's San Juan Skyway. Whether you're a seasoned adventurer or simply seeking to escape into nature, this iconic highway will surely deliver an unforgettable journey through some of Colorado's most picturesque scenery. Wind your way through the heart of the San Juan Mountains, stop to explore charming towns like Silverton and Telluride, and marvel at the expansive views of the rugged landscape that surrounds you. Whether you're driving solo, with friends, or with family, this route is an absolute must-see for anyone looking to experience the beauty of Colorado.

Discover Historic Mining Towns

The American West is full of hidden gems; few are as fascinating as the historic mining towns throughout the landscape. These places offer a glimpse into the past and a chance to explore a unique piece of American history. Visitors can wander the streets of these towns and marvel at the well-preserved architecture, from grand hotels and banks to humble storefronts. It's easy to imagine the hustle and bustle of miners and merchants going about their daily business and to appreciate the struggles and triumphs of those who helped shape the nation. For anyone interested in the history of the American West, exploring these mining towns is an experience not to be missed.

Thomas Peter Maletta Takeaways

A journey to Colorado is certain to be full of adventure and explore the great Rocky Mountains. Spending time outdoors in Mother Nature's playpen skiing and snowboarding, taking hikes on Mesa Trail, driving through San Juan Skyway's scenic route, and visiting historic mining towns can all provide beautiful experiences. Visiting places like Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre, Great Divide Brewery, and Royal Gorge Bridge and Park to take in the incredible landscape gives you a most rewarding experience that will leave you with lasting memories. So whether you go alone or with friends - make time to embark on a trip to Colorado!

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