Things To Do in Colorado

Endless Mountain Activities and Attractions for All

Looking for things to do in Colorado? In fact, Colorado is a made-to-order vacation destination. The list of things to do in Colorado is long. You will discover a variety of activities and attractions that will accommodate small or large groups or individuals. Getting the most out of your Colorado vacation starts with selecting the activities or events you and your group will enjoy. This can be tough as not every person in your group likes the same things or goes at the same speed. However, mountain towns have become experts at creating varied activities and events to suit all types. Order a FREE Colorado Vacation Guide to help you find the towns and attractions that suit you best. Organize your trip with our free itinerary tool.

Mountain Town Things To Dothings to do in colorado

All of the resort mountain towns in Colorado have fun things to do just around the corner. Colorado’s world-class ski resorts have both summer and winter attractions. These ski areas don’t just cater to skiers and snowboards anymore. In the summer, ski resorts have developed mountain bike trails and parks. Take the gondola up with your bike or a rented one, and ride downhill (mostly) through the beautiful forest while swooping along well-designed mountain bike trails.

For those in your group who prefer foot travel. Take the scenic gondola ride up the mountain and go for a hike. Ski areas have designated hiking trails where no bikes are allowed. Gondola access to National Forest shortcuts your hiking experience to remote locations. Enabling you to enjoy the high mountain vistas and dense forest canopy right from town.

Just ride the Gondola for a Spectacular Experience

How about just sitting back and enjoying the mountain sights from the Gondola in both directions? You will likely find a top-of-the-mountain restaurant with expansive windows or a deck to enjoy.

There’s More Going on in Mountain Towns Strawberry Park Hot Springs

Festivals and events of all types are a mountain lifestyle tradition. Check our events calendar or investigate the town’s local events calendar to see what’s on the schedule. Music festivals, concerts, Red Rocks Amphitheater, art shows, wine festivals, educational lectures, historical tours, wildflower tours, outdoor theater, farmer’s markets, fairs, carnivals, and more…  Colorado’s mountain towns are known for hosting a diverse list of cultural events. Something about being nestled in the Rocky Mountains, surrounded by friends and like-minded people, makes these experiences come alive.

Look a bit closer, and you will find that the list goes on. Athletic events such as mountain running races or mountain bike races, western rodeo, baseball, ice skating, tennis, golf, sailing, natural hot springs, whitewater river boating and tubing, activities and events are all very common. There is always something for everyone in Colorado’s mountain towns.

Vacationing in a Mountain Town is a Sure Bet

With the extensive collection of things to do in Colorado’s mountain towns, it’s hard to go wrong. Especially if you’re trying to satisfy a group of diverse people, keep the kids worn out with high-action activities. At the same time, those with more intellectual appetites can find interesting things to do at a slower speed.

Scenic Mountain Tours or Guided Experiences

Another great choice for the whole group, or part of it, is to sign up for a scenic tour. Tours can be in popular mountain towns or nearby. 

  • Try a scenic train ride. Most commonly located in old mining communities. These scenic trains pass through very remote areas of Colorado and offer spectacular views and tales of the old west. 
  • Consider an ATV tour. Although a bit bumpy, ATV tours are a great way for the whole group to explore the forest and roads less traveled. 
  • Take the group on a guided mountain horseback ride
  • Sign up for a guided wildflower hike
  • Hire a guide to take you fly fishing
  • Local museums have guided historical tours and events happening.

Get Spooked at a Ghost Town

ghost town

Do you have a thing for Western movies? If you've always wondered what it would be like to star in one, get a feel when visiting a real ghost town. Colorado literally has hundreds of them, and most were old mining towns. Many of these abandoned buildings can be accessed by hiking. While off the beaten track, the town of St. Elmo is especially well-preserved with that classic ghost town look. With high mountains as a backdrop, the views are well worth it.

Visit a Major Attraction in Colorado

Colorado has a variety of major attractions. Including an extensive list of State & National Parks, National Monuments, National Forests and BLM lands. These attractions are spread throughout Colorado. If you are visiting a particular region of the state, look into nearby attractions. Here are a few noteworthy ones:

The Royal Gorge

Famous for the huge canyon of the Arkansas River, The Royal Gorge. Located west of Canon City. Has an impressive depth of 1,250 feet and a length of 6 miles. The area has many attractions, including The Royal Gorge Bridge & Park. Home to America's highest suspension bridge, a skycoaster, ziplining, whitewater river rafting, and more…

Royal Gorge Bridge

Rocky Mountain National Park (RMNP)

The most famous National Park in Colorado is full of nature experiences and conveniently located next to the popular and spectacular town of Estes Park. Camping, hiking, backpacking, horseback riding, and sightseeing are big draws to this area. Check out this guide about camping at the park. RMNP offers guided tours and educational classes too. Due to the popularity of RMNP, it is recommended to make reservations. Include traveling over Trailridge Road, 48 miles of “highway to the sky”, topping out at 12,183 feet, experience the Rocky Mountain high first hand.

Mesa Verde National Park

This National park is located in southwest Colorado. Noted for its well-preserved Ancestral Puebloan cliff dwellings and rock formations. Educational guided tours are available. They have seasonal events and special offers happening too. Lodging and camping opportunities are available at the park or nearby.

Great Sand Dunes Naitonal Park and Preservation

Located in the San Luis Valley (south central Colorado) is Colorado's Great Sand Dunes National Park. Home to the tallest sand dunes in North America. 30 square miles of sand dunes and no designated trail. The park offers camping and has a variety of events going on. Sandboarding and sand-sledding are popular activities for visitors.

Plan Ahead - Things to Do in Colorado

It's always a good idea to check out the visitor's center of any of these National Parks or tourist attractions. You will find an abundance of park information, rules, and regulations. Make reservations, sign up for tours, sign in if necessary, buy passes, get flyers, and learn more about special events. Use our free itinerary tool to keep all your vacation plans organized.

by Kathleen Fitzsimmons

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